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Dangers of Wearing High-Heeled Shoes

Footwear fashion is the in thing these days but what many people aren’t aware of is the long term damage high heels can do to the feet, if worn for prolonged periods of time. Dr. Mehmet Oz did a segment on a TV show earlier this fall concerning the dangers of wearing high heels. He also discussed the harm they do to the wearer’s feet, which may not be apparent until its too late. Wearing high heels is something that many women do to coordinate with fashionable dresses and outfits, something that has happened for many generations. These days that theory still exists but there is also the knowledge that wearing high heels can cause damage to feet. So, there are altrernatives to ill fitting and poorly worn high heel shoes that designers make to go with their outfits.

Many women are wearing high heels these days, maybe more than ever. However, a large number of them could soon be preparing for a visit to the Podiatrist’s for treatment. Excessive wearing of high heels can cause damage which may not be reversible. Many women ask, does wearing heels tone your legs? The simple answer is, no. Wearing high heels for extended periods of time will ultimately harm your feet. The best way to tone your calves (lower leg) is to use a repetitive exercise such as toe raises for a few minutes a day. Or, go cycling and maybe invest in a pair of sneakers and go for a run.

Dr. Oz discussed a few of the side effects of wearing high heels and what type of harm they do to their feet over time. What numerous ladies aren’t conscious of is that wearing tight shoes doesn’t assist your feet and can actually result in severe foot issues later on in life. Plenty of designers like Jimmy Choo, frye campus boots Manolo Blahnik, along with other fashion designers who make shoes for the wealthy elite and A-List celebrities aren’t conscious that their shoes can harm feet. Maybe because celebrities are willing to pay up to $500 or more for a single pair of shoes. Italian pumps are in style and numerous ladies are willing to pay a premium for their preferred designer’s range. The reality is that many women are prepared to sacrifice their health for that all important image.

A few of the facts that Dr. Oz pointed out ought to be eye-opening to ladies prior to them setting foot in a pair of high heels:

Wearing high heels puts much more pressure on your feet per square inch. So for some of you who are on the heavy side this really is some thing to bear in mind whenever you are thinking of wearing high heels. Your physique and weight can put a great deal of pressure on your feet as you walk.

Causing bunions and hammertoes – This comes from wearing shoes which are too tight and ill-fitted. These issues can worsen over time and whenever you feel foot pain pay more attention to your feet as it may indicate you are damaging your feet. Bunions are when your big toe separates from your foot and can trigger excruciating discomfort when it gets into the advanced stages. Hammertoes and bunions need to be corrected surgically to stop the discomfort they cause whenever you wear shoes, particularly heels.

By wearing your heels less than three hours per day gives your feet a rest from the continuous restriction that high heels cause your feet. If your feet are swollen, you wear heels and notice they hurt it can be an indication you are wearing your heels too high. Wearing high heels that are too long can trigger other issues besides bunions and hammering. With toes they can trigger plantar (ball of foot) fascitis that are uncomfortable in the early stages. As this condition develops over time it can turn out to be very painful and may have to be dealt with via minor surgical procedures, depending on the severity of the condition.

Fashion magazines use a benefit of heels to give those who are shorter in height some added inches. The reality is that a lot of ladies are destroying their feet by wearing heels excessively. Dr. Oz suggested that ladies wear heels which are no  longer than three inches, simply because anything greater than that is damaging to the feet. Ladies, get your shoes fitted correctly and just because a pair of heels look great on Tyra Banks or Sarah Jessica Parker it doesn’t mean they are correct for your feet.

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